Brandon Ridenour

began learning about the wonders of music at age 5, studying piano under the tutelage of his father. This morphed into “tootelage” when he picked up the trumpet in 5th grade band class in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This newfound brassery blew him over to “The” Juilliard School in New York City, where he still lives today. Upon graduating, Brandon immediately began touring the world with the Canadian Brass along with embarking on a solo career. In addition to trumpeting, Brandon is also an active composer/arranger, writing in a wide variety of styles for various instrumentations and artists such as Caroline Shaw, Bruce Cockburn, Vienna Teng, Ingrid Jensen, I’m With Her, Orchestra of St. Lukes, Decoda, and Canadian Brass (obviously).

Throughout his career, Brandon has had his feet in both classical and pop worlds, having worked with The Knights, Mahler Chamber Orchestra, New York Philharmonic, Yo-Yo Ma, Sting, James Taylor, Marvin Hamlisch, Esperanza Spalding, amongst others. As an instrumentalist and composer, Brandon has won competitions ranging from the International Trumpet Guild Solo Competition to the American Composers Forum. Emphasizing the idea of being a performer-composer, he assembled a group of similar minded musicians based in Brooklyn, called Founders.

Brandon does have non-musical interests as well…and they’ve led him to study improv and sketch writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade in NYC. You may notice glimpses of this improv, along with moments of sketchiness.

Brandon is on faculty at the Manhattan School of Music and The New School where he is passionate about developing a new model of education for a well rounded, progressive musician-of-the-future.