CORNO – Music Brass Festival is an unique event comprising master classes, chamber concerts, lectures, exhibitions of instruments, individual and group lessons, tuition for both professional as well as hobby musicians, number of events opened for the audience, which will take place in diverse venues of the cities of Zielona Góra and Żagań. The Festival will feature outstanding and world renowned musicians, wide and diversified audience and shall be the promotion of the beautiful city of Zielona Góra.



The Festival is organized by three young citizens of Zielona Góra. They all started their musical education in the horn class of Iwan Moroz. It’s here, in Zielona Góra,where they found and developed their interest in music. After a few years of musical education at the leading European Conservatories, where they studied with some of the best tutors, they decided to come back to their home town to share their knowledge and experience with the young generation.

Łukasz Łacny

Maciej Baranowski

Iwan Moroz